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Zakat Campaign 2022

IHF Zakat Campaign 2022

The Blessed Month of Ramadan is almost here - a time for reflection, contemplation and celebration. Zakat, one of Islam's fundamental pillars, is at the heart of our socio-economic structure. As a result, Islam considers paying Zakat to the poor and needy to be a duty and declares it to be necessary for stability, social well-being, and spiritual uplift. In Quran it says ‘Then steadfastly continue to duly establish the Prayer, and give the Zakat-Charity’ (Surah Al-Mujadila, 58:13)

Zakat has been introduced to support people in need and share the kindness, togetherness and wealth amongst the poor. Like Every other year, this year, IHF has planned their Zakat campaign considering the current situation around the world. The motto for this year is to educate and empower people who have been suffering due to the ongoing pandemic with the Zakat fund. As we all know, one of the greatest acts of kindness is to educate someone. For this year’s campaign IHF has taken an initiative to raise Zakat to educate 100 children under its education program to reduce Child marriage, child labor and forced crime by the children. Another goal of this year’s campaign is to support people who have been affected by the covid 19 pandemic and are struggling with financial crisis. Children and women who lost their bread earner, families who lost their loved ones by supporting their needs and bringing a sustainable life for them which is also a Sadaqah Jariyah.

So, this year, come forward and support and share the essence of Zakat, our Zakat can be the source of someone’s sleep with a full stomach, someone’s financial stability. It can ensure their source of earning, a home to stay or it can help the little souls to go to school with the hope to be someone like you and me.

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1500৳ to sponsor a child for a month

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