Our Story

Our Story

The IHF journey embarked 7 years ago as a discussion between two friends about their vision for a better future.  What began seven years as merely a dream by two visionaries for a more sustainable future is now a work in progress today which is visible to everyone. IHF is now a successfully established NPO that works with the sole purpose of the betterment of rural and underprivileged children and help them create a better future, by coaching them through education and life experiences to be stronger, independent and more confident.

IHF first kicked off in a small one-room class in Syedpur of Nilphamari. The room was equipped with one blackboard, a few chalks and mats to sit on. The founder of IHF, Md. Adnan Hossain started the school with children from the streets in an attempt to provide them with some primary education. Despite the fact that the school was free of cost, students began to dwindle. When investigated, the IHF team found the families these kids came from. Most of the families were dependent primarily on the income of one family member, usually the father. The families would rather have their kids work and become an extra working member as they get older, than having them being sent to school. After a lot of thinking and brainstorming, the team came up with an intriguing idea. They discovered that many of the women were naturally skilled in craftwork, such as stitching. The women were put into an institution for enhancing their work and were later able to sell their products in the market for good and reasonable profit. This project was named “Protibha.”

This ingenious solution led the families to send their children to school. There was a positive growth in students attending school. Currently, IHF has three school campuses with 600 students.

IHF is run by a Students Sponsorship Program and rely on donations and charity. After the great success of “Protibha,” a portion of the profits help run the school. This is IHF’s Sustainable Project, where a profit is generated to send these amazing children to school without any burden.

Besides operating in schools and women empowerment project, IHF carries out winter distribution campaigns and health care services for women and children.


We eliminate poverty and create secure future for underprivileged children through education and health care.


To create a sustainable solution for underprivileged children.