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Qurbani Campaign 2023

Qurbani Campaign 2023

We are delighted to unveil our Qurbani Campaign 2023, dedicated to spreading the joy of Eid-ul-Adha among those who are unable to afford to perform Qurbani. Over the past five years, IHF has effectively implemented the Qurbani Project, a noble initiative aimed at distributing 100% halal meat from Qurbani to families belonging to marginalized communities in Bangladesh. This endeavor not only ensures the provision of protein and essential nutrition to these individuals but also addresses their dietary requirements through the meat consumption of Qurbani-sources.

This year, through this Qurbani Campaign, we aim to distribute 20 cows and 30 goats and 1500 Food Packages to families from marginalized communities, including those residing in orphanages, old homes, and the families of all IHF schools.

At IHF, we adhere to the principles of Islamic Sharia when conducting Qurbani. Following the sacrifice, we ensure the fair distribution of the blessed meat to marginalized communities, with a focus on the most vulnerable members, such as widows, orphans, and economically disadvantaged families.

You have the opportunity to participate in this noble cause and share the joy and blessings of Eid-ul-Adha w ith people from marginalized communities through our campaign. You can donate as Sadaqah, Akika, or Qurbani through this project.

How You Can Support the Cause:

Contribute to IHF Qurbani Project by providing your share of Qurbani:

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1500৳ to sponsor a child for a month

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