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Schools of It's Humanity Foundation

Project Ankur

Angkur is a Child Welfare Center initiated by Its Humanity Foundation (IHF). IHF has almost 205 students in 3 schools for underprivileged children at Saidpur, Nurnagar & Tongi & a special school named ALOK for Children with learning disabilities.

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Home Rebuilding

Rebuilding project focused in school expansion and utility set up for the village depends on capacity of an existing school and it’s nearby area. Until now, we have: built three classroom in our Tobolpur Campus to expand the school operations upto grade 7. constructed proper floor in the Noornagar Campus. built a Biogas project including a community kitchen in Noornagar. built 2 sanitary latrine in Ukhiya. constructed 6 sanitary latrine in Noornagar. constructing a room in an orphanage to give the children a space for studying..

Wash Project

IHF empowers communities through transformative projects like Sanitation, water installation, biogas initiatives promoting and sustainable energy for healthier environments.