Capacity Building

Capacity Building

IHF takes various initiatives on capacity building in terms of making young leaders as well as helping women empowerment buildup. The aim of IHF behind this initiative is to make the society more powerful by consuming proper education and training.

Teachers’ Training

Teachers of It’s Humanity Foundation undergo a training session every 45 days. The main concerns behind the training are to develop self confidence and other leadership qualities among the teachers, imparting an adequate knowledge of class management and equipping the prospective teachers with necessary pedagogic skills.

Mother’s Training

These are the ladies who are working in “Protibha”. province to these mothers to enhance their skill
They are mostly mothers of the students studying in IHF Schools. These women are naturally skilled in crafting so through “Protibha” we are trying to provide basic education on crafting and also professional skill development training to these women so that they can utilize these skills not only in while working in “Protibha” but in their personal life as well.

Leadership Training

Today’s youth are the future of tomorrow. Keeping that in mind, IHF in partnership with “Centre For Youth Development” carries out seminars and workshop for the young minds so that their path towards becoming a successful leader becomes much easier.

Volunteer & Internship Capacity Building

Before every event, IHF makes sure that it’s volunteers are well prepared and has the capacity to carry out all the necessary tasks during the event and has a clear idea about why we are holding that event. Our interns who also participate in the event receive these training as well.