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IHF School Campus Tobolpur

IHF School Campus Tobolpur

The Tobolpur campus of IHF School in Sylhet was inaugurated in 2021. There used to be a school in that area which had to shut down due to lack of resources after the pandemic had hit us in 2020, leaving the kids in the area with no school. IHF took the initiative to start this school once we came to learn about this situation. The campus is currently providing free quality education, healthcare facilities and a healthy environment to grow for 133 students from Playgroup to Class 5 with 2 full time teachers to conduct the classes and look after the students.

Students of IHF School Campus, Tobolpur To create an environment where our students can dare to dream of becoming anyone they want to be, we focus on making our school a fun place to learn and thrive in. Our student facilities include:

The school is registered under the government and 3 yearly exams are taken. Other than that, regular monthly class tests are also taken. Teachers use interactive methods while conducting the classes and visual aids for lectures through computers and projectors.

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