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House Rebuilding

Rebuilding project focused in school expansion and utility set up for the village depends on capacity of an existing school and it’s nearby area. Until now, we have:

  • built three classroom in our Tobolpur Campus to expand the school operations upto grade 7.

  • constructed proper floor in the Noornagar Campus.

  • built a Biogas project including a community kitchen in Noornagar.

  • built 2 sanitary latrine in Ukhiya.

  • constructed 6 sanitary latrine in Noornagar.

  • constructing a room in an orphanage to give the children a space for studying..
We create and design digital al content tailored to meet the requirements of effective and interactive learning for these children. Our approach involves integrating the government-approved curriculum seamlessly into digital learning materials.

Post-disaster house repairing: In 2022, after a severe flash flood in the Sylhet region, IHF rebuilt 10 houses of local families in Tobolpur village of Bishwanath Upazilla, Khajanchi Union. The houses were completely destroyed in storm and flood. flood.

Several of our school campuses are located in climate-vulnerable areas. Each year, these areas experience the destructive forces of cyclones and heavy rainfall, resulting in the damage of numerous homes. While the local community diligently repairs these houses, the repairs often lack long-term sustainability. IHF is committed to providing a lasting solution by reconstructing these homes in a sustainable manner.

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