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Development initiatives

We empower communities

IHF empowers communities through transformative projects like Community Kitchen, addressing food insecurity, and biogas initiatives promotingand sustainable energy for healthier environments.

Community Kitchen

IHF's Community Kitchen uses biogas tech for nutritious meals, reducing waste's environmental impact. Combining food security and eco-friendliness, it uplifts the community while promoting a greener, resilient environment.

Community Toilet

By promoting hygiene and proper waste management, IHF's Community Toilet initiative enhances the community's well-being while contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. Initially, IHF constructed community toilets in Syedpur & Ukhiya.

BioGas project

IHF's biogas project utilizes local organic waste such as biomass waste and animal waste as feedstock. Each plant will generate enough gas to meet the cooking needs of the community members. Additionally, the plants produce organic fertilizer, benefiting the agricultural and fisheries sectors.

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1500৳ to sponsor a child for a month

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