Be An Ambassador

Be An Ambassador

Be an ambassador and represent our vision!!

You can be a part of It’s Humanity Foundation by joining as an ambassador.

The Ambassador Program is an opportunity for you to make a difference in the community both locally and globally. We are looking for leaders who are dedicated to promote our vision by devoting their time and effort.

Responsibilities of Ambassadors:

  1. Being the spokesperson for the organization at conferences, schools, events, public gatherings, online and through other special assignments.
  2. Understanding the organization’s mission, vision and project plans.
  3. Maintaining regular contact with the team members of IHF.
  4. Providing regular activity report to the authorities.
  5. Providing any kind of feedback to the team of the organization on how to improve the Foundation and the Ambassador Program

What Will the organization provide to Ambassadors:

  1. Recognition as an Ambassador of the organization in social media, newsletter, website and all
  2. ID card
  3. Training materials
  4. Excellent opportunity to build a strong network.

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